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Current list of prefixes with explanation

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Heres' the current list of prefixes with explanation:

  • Challenge: Submit a photograph to meet the thematic title.
  • LF: Photography exploiting the 4"x5", 8"x10" or other camera generally with two standards, one of a lens and the other for the film or other sensitive medium. Covers all such similar systems for any recording medium.
  • Alternative Process: A method of recording or processing film or other analog medium which emphasizes light characteristics differently from normally processed silver gelatin workflow.
  • Film: Photography using a chemical light sensitive recording medium is on a transparent medium from glass to plastic or gelatin.
  • Pinhole: Lensless Photography
  • Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.:
  • In Perspective, Fun:
  • In Perspective, Planet: Important news on the our little planet that dwarfs a lot of other things we fuss about and therefore gives us a better perspective to value what we have!
  • Question:
  • Critique Desired:
  • Just Sharing: Not asking for C&C, nice comments welcome. This is just sharing like showing what we are up to, casually!
  • Retouch Request:
  • News:
  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work
Feel free to offer new ones.

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