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In Perspective, Planet: Dangerous Cyclone batters Queensland Australia

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Powerful winds are moving slowly across the landscape, collapsing walls and ripping up trees. We do not know the extent of damage, injuries and loss of life.

Hoping everyone gets through O.K.

Our hearts go out to the folk there!


Andy brown

Active member
I don't think so Jerome. I'm far to the south, Tom is far to the north, others in Melbourne I think, Maris is to the south of it.
Thanks for your concern though. They are really getting smashed up there.
Maris is sitting in front of his computer and looking through a big window while the rain pours down. Fortunately it's only the extreme edge of the storm and there are no destructive winds...yet. Of course the cameras are going in the car down to the oceanside in an hour or two. Big waves and dramatic skies may reward the effort to look.