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Administrative: Details of OPF/GalleryONE Exhibition May 1-3 2015

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I will post here the evolving details of the mechanics of the exhibition.

LOCATION: The Studios right adjacent to PARIS PHOTO LA: Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, across from Paramount Studios. We plan to have a shuttle bust for the tiny distance. Wine of allowed.

DATE: May 1-3 2015

SPACE: 84 linear feet of wall space total, 10 ft high

CURATING: I have the advice of gallery owners experienced in art sales.

COST: I have to cover space, extra lights chairs and the like. I will come up with a formula of a percent of sales plus a figure for every 2ft of 10ft high wall space. It will be very reasonable. If you really can't afford it and the work is fabulous, then we could work out something for you. If more folk participate, the costs plunge. I estimate the following plus 30% of sales to cover costs of sales assistants.

2ft wide 300

3ft wide 450

4ft wide 560

5ft wide 710

6ft wide 890

8ft wide 1340

10ft wide 1530

These prices are one's I will personally guarantee. If we get a good response, then we might be able to lower costs even more. I will also look into a Kickstarted campaign too.

Matting, framing, mounting on Dibond, printing postcards, etc done at actual cost and charged to you, but the prices will be provided in advance.

Look at http://lodima.corg - Archival materials - I am considering having them do all our work as the quality is high and the prices are very good.

POSTCARDS: If images are received in time, we will have postcards from each Photographer with their bio on the back. I'll find our prices. Any suggestions, PM me.

FRAMING: Can be done locally here in LA if you wish. Pictures need to be signed, matted if small and have a number in the series and a statement that these will not be offered online for less than the exhibition prices.

Extra large pictures will need to be signed with edition number and mailed in a cardboard tube.

I will seek good prices for mattes and frames here.

BIO & Artist's Statement: write this out now so they are ready to go.

RETURN SHIPPING: At cost, payable in advance.

FURTHER EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY: If at all possible, and I have the backing of photographers, we'll also present the pictures in other locations and shows.

INSURANCE: Have your expensive pictures insured if you can in the mail. I will look into costs of insuring the pictures, (for reprinting and framing costs), while they are in my custody and hopefully costs are not beyond my reach.

MAILING LIST: We will advertise the show and also I plan to mail out invitations.

EXPECTED PROFIT: Last year about 70 photographers bought space at ~ $3500 or more for 8 linear feet 10 ft high. About a 1/3 or so are claimed to have made a profit. About 60% are said to be happy and at least one guy is miffed to the nth as he is well established and only sold one picture. So this is part of an identity building process and with subsequent shows and the build up of a following, I expect we will get a good following given the quality and diversity of the work submitted to date.

OMISSIONS: If I have left out a topic that's significant, bring it to my attention.

Private PM's welcomed, public comments allowed too :)


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
SUBMISSIONS: Online to the ongoing thread here or privately by PM or by email if you wish.

SCHEDULE FOR NOTIFICATIONS: will be issued shortly. Watch this space.

Decide what pictures you will submit, the sizes, number in each series and the price.

PRICING: The average general range in general at this show would be from $200/350 to $3500/4500 going from 8"x10" all the way to say 55" to 72" high.

However, some fine photographs can fetch from $1200 to $7,000 for the same range of sizes and even more if you are already well established with a following.

EDITION SIZE: The size of editions should normally decrease from 15-100 at the smaller size all the way down to 1-5 at the upper end as the more money is spent, the rarer the image is hoped to be.

These are not rules, but guides based on precious sales last year.

This is not to be considered a sure win, but it will begin the process of building a following as I intend to follow through, if we have enough encouragement and set up further venues with your continued support.

So far the quality of the submissions are very high and we'll have a sufficient diversity of taste and price point for a lot of different buyers.


Jerome Marot

Well-known member
If you don't mind, I will convert your post for the benefits of users of the metric system. And while I am at it, I'll give the prices in €uros as well.

SPACE: 25.6 m x 3 m of wall space total.

COST: I have to cover space, extra lights chairs and the like. I will come up with a formula of a percent of sales plus a figure for every 60cm of 3m high wall space. It will be very reasonable. If you really can't afford it and the work is fabulous, then we could work out something for you. If more folk participate, the costs plunge. I estimate the following plus 30% of sales to cover costs of sales assistants.

60cm wide 276€ ($300)
90cm wide 414€ ($450)
1.2m wide 515€ ($560)
1.5m wide 653€ ($710)
1.8m wide 818€ ($890)
2.4 wide 1232€ ($1340)
3m wide 1407€ ($1530)

EXPECTED PROFIT: Last year about 70 photographers bought space at ~ 3200€ ($3500) or more for 2.4m wide, 3m high (and it would cost only 1232€ for us).

PRICING: The average range in general at this show would be from 180-280€ ($200/350) to 3200-4200€ ($3500/4500) going from A4 / 20x25cm all the way to say 1.4m to 1.8m high.

I'll add an example of pricing for A3 - 12 x 18" prints:

For 3 prints, 4 prints maybe, we need 60cm (2 feet) of wall space (one needs a bit of space around each picture and we can't really use the bottom and top parts), so 276€ / 300$ of wall space. Price per picture would be 280-550€ ($350-600), of which you get ~70%, so 196-385€ ($245-420).

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Thanks for the conversion and good suggestions. Your help is much appreciated.

Note that all the space between the sides of the pictures and between one photographer and the next will be provided at no cost to those showing their work. We'll space them out well. Furthermore, A3 size can show well 3 rows in a "24" wide space. If one is a little over, that's O.K. , we're flexible.

Also, one should consider simply mounting prints on board or Dibond and purchasers have the option of getting it framed. We'll have a framer lined up. That cuts down the cost built in to selling a print considerably and some buyers prefer that modern look.

I will get pricing for local painting, (your signature in the print, one file for each numbered copy of that series that you offer) and/mounting of signed prints on Dibond or board. We'll provide a standardized option for printing and mounting so that you can just send either the signed prints or the files with your signature and series number embedded in the picture to appear on the bottom of the print.

The cost of hanging the prints on the wall is covered in the price of the booth. I have enough storage for a giant truck of art!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
SELECTION OF PICTURES: A jury will be going through the submitted images once we have enough and then they will select pictures according to the kind of material likely wanted by the expected visitors and collectors to this show. This might mean an initial disappointment for a few pictures of each of us or all the pictures of a set. It has to be that the total body of the work works for the audience.

My job is to be as open as possible to all submissions. However, ultimately some, unfortunately might not be selected by the jury for this show of photography as art.

So please continue to submit your work and present pictures that you feel deserve to have a place in the exhibition as fine art. I'd rather you submitted too much and risk disappointment than you not be represented because you didn't send enough of the work you love.

Good luck and believe in what you are proud of and bless it and send it to us!


Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Standard mat sizes in the US

If someone wants to use standard US frame sizes, I found this list to which I added European paper sizes in inches.

Frame Size	Mat Opening	Image Size
8" x 10"	4.5" x 6.5"	5" x 7"     A5=5.83" × 8.27"
11" x 14"	7.5" x 9.5"	8" x 10"    A4=8.27" × 11.7"
16" x 20"	10.5" x 13.5"	11" x 14"   A3=11.7" x 16.5"
20" x 24"	15.5" x 19.5"	16" x 20"   A2=16.5" x 23.4"
24" x 36"	19.5" x 29.5"	20" x 30"   A1=23.4" x 33.1"
30" x 40"	21.5" x 31.5"	22" x 32"   (none)
If someone is interested, I can also offer to print up to A2 size for the cost of paper and ink.

Antonio Correia

Active member
Suggestion / Strategy

If any of the exposed/hanged image is sold on day one, how do one sell the same or others if they are not available on location, in PILA ?

Perhaps everyone should send more 5 of each image for example.

But, to broad/open the possibly of selling and at the same time, allow “humble” people to have access to our fine art photography, we would expend our offer in this way:

I expose 8 images.
I should send ASAP (I learned this acronym last week) of each exposed image, so they would be available on location, the following prints:
5 prints A3+
10 prints A4
15 prints A5
15 Folios A5

A4 is a little less than half A3+ in size
A Folio is a small pack with all the images exposed similar to the one shown bellow. Sorry for the bad quality of the images.
Folios can be bought in US but at the moment I can’t find the place.
Here you can have a look at some available at my favourit publication.

I can't afford to go to LA but I can afford to print and send more images. ASAP LOL



Active member
All good suggestions Antonio, thanks.

I too have asked Asher the question about the hypothetical situation if one image is sold more than once. Since I can only send one copy of each image of mine right now, I will then have to print the required images and mail them to Asher if (hopefully) that situation arises. ;)

What I am wondering about is how to create a certificate which mentions the photographer, image title, unique number in the series, etc. Does anybody have a template for this?

Antonio Correia

Active member
Cem, I do not have Excel. I can work with it but I use Google spreadsheet instead.

However, I have downloaded it and I have seen what you are talking about.

Let's wait for other opinions and suggestions.

As I print my own images I need to start to print soon and buy more paper and ink. To print a lot of images can be time consuming... for me that is !


Maggie Terlecki

Active member
What I am wondering about is how to create a certificate which mentions the photographer, image title, unique number in the series, etc. Does anybody have a template for this?

Here is an article I wrote about how to make a certificate. Be careful, I need to edit as I used my French template that I use locally and there is a mistake in the line under the title... it says: this certificate but I wrote this as certificat (in French)
Need to edit that soon. Obviously, the letters in RED are simply what should be included.


if you have any questions, just let me know. :)

Nicolas Genette

pro member
I dunno how USA handle that, but in France less and less customers need certificate. For art collectors, they just answer "it's signed and numbered, that's ok, certificate means nothing more".
Asher, if you need certificates I usually use hanemuhle ones and can send you with next parcel.

Antonio Correia

Active member
The certification with Hahnemuhle stamps places three more questions for me:

The stamps cost money, the paper is more expensive than the one I use, Ilford and the whole process becomes longer for me, more time consuming.

An option I have discarded long ago...

However, it is a very "serious" option. Curiously I still have Hahnemuhle paper but I am not sure if they have A3+.

For me, at the moment it is not an option. I would need more time to prepare.

Hahnemuhle and it's certificate is a serious option.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
For those of you who still need to compile a list, I have uploaded my excel template here. Feel free to use it.


Important: It would be most helpful if everyone who hasn't already done so, uses this great spreadsheet and sends it ASAP. This will help in curating the matte and framing prices.

Add your picture to the first space for picture.

Fill in all the other fields and email it to me at editor.OPF AT mac.com obviously AT gets replaced by @ and there are no spaces.

Thanks so much!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I'm assembling the data provided to build the Gallery One website. So if you've any changes, let know ASAP!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Your favorite picture to represent you in the Catalog and by postcard!

B]Post cards: Price reduce from $150 to $107:20[/B] for 500 cards to be printed 4 color one side and B&W, the other. They will be 4x6. The image will be limited to 4x5 and 1" will be for the Gallery One Log and the dates of the Exhibition.

Please, even if you have told me already, remind me which picture you have chosen to represent your artistry.

I can make up to 10 cards total for 11 photographers, so there is only one each. Nicolas Claris is bringing his own materials.

Please email

  1. One file to fit 4"x5"at 300 pixels/inch 16 BIT Adobe RGB. If you have already sent the file, remind of the date and PM or email. I can receive up to 20MB in one email.
  2. Another edition of that picture at 1200 pixels wide, Adobe RGB, 16BIT, for your place in the Photo Contemporary Catalog
Otherwise send via yousendit.com or retransfer.com