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Detroit area Hobbyist - 7 years in - Glamour

Greg Boycott

New member
I had no real interest in photography back in the film days. Darkrooms, chemicals, uncertainty...these were not appealing to me.

I did appreciate photography in many ways, as editor-in-chief of school paper it's usefulness in Journalism was paramount.

Outside of that, as a child of the 70's and 80's, hidden and taboo magazines like Playboy called out like siren's song, a talismanic spell designed to ensure
a lifelong enthrallment with the female form. Different from porn or sexual applications, Playboy was something else...at once innocent Americana and at the same time
a spirit of rebellion against cultural norms and expectations. I admired the photography, obviously, but the creative team behind it was something I took note of...thats something I could DO.

Met-Art and Hegre.com came along later, at the dawn of digital photography, and took the Playboy model to new areas, often softer areas with a more global feel. At that time I was heavily into "Poser" and rendering 3d models and making this sort of pinup art with that software and photoshop. Almost as frustrating as phsyical film, Poser and later Daz3d were pieces of software always woefully behind, non-forward thinking, and I started thining about buying a camera and working with real models.
A friend was selling a Nikon D3200 (maybe 3100, can't remember) with a kit lens and I had no idea that I would need much more. But the first time I shot a still with that camera I was hooked.
Now I find myself limited only by my budget to create the sort of sets and scenes I'd like to create. Pretty girl + Tree = the best I can do most of the time.
Looking forward I'd like to find budgets to create sets and utilize studio or rental spaces more often.