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Administrative: Expenses for the show and files needed for ad campaign!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I have two needs here:

1. money of course

2. files for the advertising campaign in brochures/billboards and the printed catalog.

SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY: At this time, we should be OK covering expenses, but some folk really don't have money and we want people to participate according whether or not the work has merit. If sales are good, then the Gallery percentages from the well-deserved popularity among collectors of Paula Chamlee and Michael a. Smith's prints could offset a lot of expense. However, if we do not sell a lot, then there are considerable costs to cover beyond the expected expense of wall length and the framing and matting that we all know about.

I am taking responsibility for making sure that the exhibition happens and is presented in a professional manner as befits our new Gallery. Still it would be nice to be able to pay for a shuttle at $700 a day to bring the droves of folk from Paris Photo LA to our location in the next movie studio exhibition space. Also we have to cover a lot of extra lights and miscellaneous preparator and hauling or mail charges and young folk giving out pamphlets near Photo LA to advertise our exhibition.

So, if anyone feels like anonymously helping out, then you will be appreciated, just send me a PM and commit to any amount from $10 up to $2,000 and you can support the project and cover expenses that deserve to be met. No one is expected to give anything! You already give by simply sharing your creative work and your precious non-repeatable time.

..................but I will not become homeless or have to sell my dining room table! No one should feel obligated. This is a responsibility I have taken on and I am blessed to have a chance of building on all our creative and supportive efforts in OPF to have a modest but real outlet for our work on the world art market. If we make money, it will go towards Photo LA early in 2016 for OPF members.

Hopefully, this is just the start. Thanks for all your support, just being stalwarts in OPF sharing photographs, ideas and commenting on images. This 10th year of OPF, we have a chance to have a pipeline to sell our work several times a year in exhibitions.

I have a gallerist sending out emails to his many clients, there will be billboards and an ad campaign.

FILES OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS: I assume permission will be given from everyone to have their work in ads or on a billboard for the show. Anyone objects, just let me know.

The catalog will be printed two weeks before the show. So I will get ready a portfolio of images to offer.

So if you want your pictures in such a campaign, send the files by yousendit.com or retransfer.com

They will not be used for anything else. no copies of prints will be made without your instructions in writing. The copyright of your work is very serious to us in OPF and be assured, we will not trespass in the slightest.