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Fascinating People I Saw In Nepal

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
local laundarmat


Everywhere in Nepal one finds these communal watering holes.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Good news: Picture chosen for magazine cover

This picture has been chosen for a forthcoming issue of a local travel magazine to be used as cover for it.

It shall also be used for destination promotion.



Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Everywhere in Nepal one finds these communal watering holes.


Perhaps the colors are the code for laundry woman! Otherwise, this picture to me works better in B&W. As shown, the red disguises the nature of the woman in the foreground. I thought at first I was seeing a large bag of laundry capped with some tied knot! Also in color, each different colored bucket is utterly a different thing. nor only that, they are so different from the tub in the back. Likely that they are used in some order or for sorting. However, they are utensils that have in common the family of function for "doing laundry". When in grayscale, these appear as a repeating unit, but each is unique. So these items are now seen as part of a varied series. The bowl then is another version of the round shape of the bucket so the forms take dominance over the razmatazz disorder of disparate artificial colors.

What you are showing is a social issue and it's interesting. It's also important. In the gaudy colors, for sure it's closer to what you saw, but the essence the women's role are made less important.

Just a different point of view to consider,


BTW, did I say, I like this in B&W, it's a good picture!
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fahim mohammed

Well-known member
children of Nepal...1





Unfortunately, child labor is very prevalent. While school is compulsory, I was saddened to see kids
walking uphill in the cold wearing beach sandals. Your help to help them will be very timely.

Thanks you.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Children of Nepal...2





When photographing children in Nepal, try not to give them cash. Instead go to a stationary shop
buy books, pencils, note pads etc. and donate it to the various schools.

Each child born has a right to good health, food, school and love amongst other things. Please
give to the children that are not as fortunate as us. Please.

Thank you.