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Found a job in my field with FashionJobsCentral.com.

Areli dell

New member
I liked that I was able to find a job in my field on www.fashionjobscentral.com. It was very easy for me to know where to look: the break down of categories is really helpful to navigate through the site. But the thing I liked most about FashionJobsCentral.com was the daily job reports that they sent me so I didn’t have to search much

Nicolas Claris

Hi Areli
This is your very first and only post here and let me welcome you to OPF.
However I just wonder why suddenly you come to post here something that can be understood as advertising… Could you add to your signature or in a post a website address where we could see your work? Otherwise I think your post should be moved to "Education, Training, Workshops and Shoot Opportunities." forum…

Nicolas Claris

As there were no response to my previous post, the entire thread has been moved here.

I strongly recommend to be carefull with the website advertised here as one cannot check anything prior to register… hmmm
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