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From Thierry Hagenauer - Annoucement

To all who feel concerned:

I wish to inform you here and officially that I will stop any post made with my "Sinar" signature.

My working contract with Sinar AG Switzerland has been terminated by Sinar yesterday, February 24th 2009.

I won't make any remark, nor give any information in public as for the reasons of the termination or others, being bound by confidentiality.

Starting now, I would like to ask those having specific Sinar questions, technical issues or other Sinar related requests, to contact either their respective distributor or dealer, or Sinar directly.

I would really like to thank all the members here, with whom I had the privilege to communicate and exchange information, sometimes to answer questions and help with issues. It has been my very pleasure, and never a "must" situation for me. And I would like to thank also those who have read my post without participating.

I shall as per today sign my posts here with my name only and continue my participation as an independent member.

Thanks again to all, for your so valuable support all the time, for those nice words sent to me, and for having tolerated my presence.

My special thanks go here and of course also to Asher, for having welcomed me in his place and for having offered me the possibility to participate.
These thanks are as well for his team.

All the best to all, with all my wishes of a doing well in these difficult times ahead.
Best regards,
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NC Iphone

New Member
Bonjour Thierry
After having lost Lorenz (Koch!), now you... I'm not sure if Sinar realizes the big lost.

As a customer, I do.

A very sad day for the MF community.

I sincerly hope that you'll keep an eye here, but most of all i wish you to find a new job asap.

Thank you for your unvaluable help, both on and off line!!!!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I know a speak for a lot of guys here, Thierry, to tell you that we all appreciate so much you being a part of this unique community. Thanks!

It's tough to be changing jobs in these difficult economic times. You are the third OPF member to be faced with this sudden change. The forces here are truly global but this is just a downward swing from which we will grow even more. The toughest period is the next six to nine months while credit is being put back into the markets and before things can take off again. During this time we're rooting for you and wish you, your family and friends well. You are in our good thoughts and prayers.

We can imagine that a lot more folk here are also facing these difficulties, so we reach out to you guys too and wish you strength and determination to get through this. The down tick in employment is just a percent or two which means that some people will be rehired and those will be the ones who are steadfast in believing in themselves. That's what we must do.

So what starts of as a note to you Thierry is a call for and of solidarity to all in this position.


We like you more than we like SINAR, (and we like SINAR) so it is better that you stay and they go... As I said in another post, this are difficult times and it is good to have a community like this for us to openly talk about what we are doing with photography. And we all know that there are challenges...

I'm sure that Sinar must be going through a difficult moment -this is rhetoric since you probably don't want/can talk about it-- with the global economic crisis -I heard that a client gallery of mine in NY just went out of business- and DSLR's encroaching in large format territory with up to 24mp models.

But anyway, we humbly welcome you back in the forum..
I am very sorry to hear about your job Thierry. I know exactly what it feels like and it is nothing I would wish upon anyone. I am glad to hear you will be staying however as a member of this forum. If you were not, that would make the loss that much bigger, for us anyway. Do like everyone has told me. Stay strong and positive and do what you have to do. Something new and better is just around the corner.
James Newman

janet Smith

pro member
Hello Thierry

I'm sorry to hear about your job, even if you're half expecting these things they still come as a dreadful shock to the system don't they......

Be gentle on yourself - please accept my best wishes for you.

james sperry

New member
hello thierry,
my sympathies to you and your family. while i have no understanding of the mf community, what i have read in your thread seems that you are very knowledgeable in that area and you should keep your head up, while surely you should find work soon. best of luck to you and keep shooting :) !

you have our heart felt sympathies,
brad and ashley


Active member
Hi Thierry,

I can only echo the words of Nicolas, Asher and all the others who have responded.
This is a loss for Sinar but hopefully not for us here in OPF.
I wish you lots of luck and determination. This is an opportunity, make the most of it :)


Doug Kerr

Well-known member
Hi, Thierry,

There has been a wondrous upsurge of interest in and information about MF digital photography here over the past year. You have played a unique and effectual role in catalyzing and lubricating that advance, for which we are all most grateful.

Now we will no doubt benefit from your insight from another point of perspective.

We all of course wish you the best of luck regarding your professional situation. We know that for someone such as yourself, all movement will be forward.

Best regards,


Alain Briot

pro member

Sorry to hear. Hopefully you managed to forget that a digital back was in your bag before you closed the door ;-)
Sorry to hear about this, Thierry. As a Sinar user--even if I'm still happily shooting film with my 8x10" P--one of the main attractions of this forum for me has been reading your dispatches from the source. Best wishes on finding "the next thing."

Ian L. Sitren

pro member
Yes I heard that on LL and was looking for your contact to send you a note. I want to say I always found your comments and information very helpful and informative. Please stay in the communities with us, you are an asset!
Hi Thierry,

I don't know how I've missed your post, but I feel very sad now that I read it.
I've experienced your contributions as a representative of Sinar as very valuable and informative, and you always made a very honest impresssion. I also enjoyed meeting you in Köln, at Pappa Joe's, during the Photokina 2008.

I wish you all the best in finding a new challenge, which won't be easy due to the economy and age (anyone over 40 can use some additional luck). However, I'm sure that someone with your track record must be a golden opportunity for any serious company that needs someone for building a trustbased relationship with resellers and endusers. It may also be an opportunity for starting something totally different, who knows.

I hope you will still find an opportunity to participate in OPF and share some of your valuable experience when you feel it could help.

Good luck,

Ken Tanaka

pro member
I, too, managed to miss your announcement, Thierry. I'm so sorry. Although I am not a Sinar customer your thoughtful remarks were always a delight to read and shone very well on the Sinar brand. Amplifying Nicolas' earlier remark, Sinar has lost a significant asset.

Take care of yourself and your family, Thierry. I've little doubt that you'll land well soon.
Dear All,

Let me thank you for this unexpected show of support here. I do really appreciate your comments and it goes straight to the heart.
My fate isn't that important and life goes on. It is simply a chapter written in my life book, and I will keep in it the best memories, like always.
I find it more important to keep all the friends and relations I have had the privilege to have and to built up throughout these 19 years in this company, among them the people on the OPF site.

Thank you all and all the best,

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Thierry,

Whatever happens to snow in Switzerland, the level of the Euro and even if the Chinese buy out all Swiss Chocolate and Prime Minister Brown of the U.K publishes the names, numbers and worth of all illegal secret Swiss Bank Accounts, you have friends here 24/7! Also it's a tax free zone!


Just as an aside, do you happen to know if Sinar made the ArTec separately from the joint efforts of the Hy6 body. IOW, if you would hazard a guess, do you think they can still produce it or is that gone too?

Nicolas Claris

Just as an aside, do you happen to know if Sinar made the ArTec separately from the joint efforts of the Hy6 body. IOW, if you would hazard a guess, do you think they can still produce it or is that gone too?
Hi Asher,

of course I don't know the anwser, but remember, to make it short:

The Hy6 is owned by Jenoptic (I don't know for the arTec, but I would guess it is the same).
Sinar is owned by Jenoptik.
F&H is a subcontractor, they made the camera for Jenoptik.

F&H is NOT in bankrupcy but declared insolvent. This means that for now, the company is not "closed", they still may find investors…

Also one can imagine that the camera could be made elsewhere…
Don't throw the baby with the bath's water!
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Thanks Asher!

Actually I don't even know if I will return to Switzerland, may be France also. All is open yet.

To answer your question:

The arTec has nothing to do with F&H and is a 100% Sinar-made camera, from A to Z.

Kind regards,

PS: I have swore to myself to never speak about Sinar again. I have already done it. Please respect my decision and don't ask my anything about it anymore. It can seem strange, but that's my decision.