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FS: (EU) Canon 5D mkIII body

Ben Rubinstein

pro member
Selling my 5DIII. I'm just too disabled these days for it to be worth keeping, I just can't shlep it around anymore when I can barely walk and I certainly don't need or use this prince of event photography cameras. Selling all my DSLR gear to be frank. Less than a year old, utterly georgous camera that focuses my 50L like a champ (and every other less troublesome lens by definition!). If you're on this forum you know what it can do. It's been hardly used, less than 2300 clicks on it. One small (1cm) scratch on the front under the prism, another tiny dot next to the word 'canon' on the back, both viewable in the pictures. Usual wear on strap lugs, tripod mounting, etc. Price low to reflect this.

Includes the box, with all usual stuff plus an extra canon battery barely used and two Sandisk Ultra 8GB CF cards as a freebie.

Please note that price is £1725 (GBP). Shipping at cost. Price is firm.