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FS: Radiopoppers, RRS stuff, Timer Release, Filter

Ben Rubinstein

pro member
Hi Guys.

Selling off what is hopefully the last of my equipment from my life in the Canon world. Please note these sales and prices are international. Please contact for shipping availability outside of the US or EU.

First of all two sets of Radiopopper PX. US Freq. Each set includes Transmitter and Receiver.

Set 1. Includes extra antenna. Perfect working condition, wear on the buttons. Please note that receiver bracket is not included, (they break almost immediately, I preferred using gaffer).

$180 including shipping and Paypal.


Set 2. Includes right angle antenna on the transmitter which I prefer. Perfect working condition, wear on the buttons. The window on the back of the receiver has been opened due to an experiment using fibre optic cable as a splitter. This makes the receiver if anything more efficient. Please note that receiver bracket is not included, (they break almost immediately, I preferred using gaffer).

$150 including shipping and Paypal.

(another picture here showing the opened window.)


Really Right Stuff PCL-1 Panorama Head with optional Arca Swiss dovetail mounting plate (PCL1-DVTL) included.

Going to miss this. Used it for years when shooting my 6X12 stitched stuff. Solid, well machined, a joy to use. Showing signs of use at the edges but working more than perfectly.

$150 including shipping and paypal

(another picture here.)


Really Right Stuff L plate for Canon 5D.

I've always had an L plate on my DSLR's and it's always been the excellent RRS ones. This one is showing many years of use but it's still a great tripod plate.

$95 including shipping and paypal.

(other pictures here and here)


Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller

Why canon won't put an intervalometer in their cameras is still a big shame but here is the answer. The TC-80N3 is very over expensive but due do the wire having been, expertly soldered and reconnected (I had plugs for the older canon connection put in there many years ago) and the screen being a bit scratched, I'm letting it go cheap.

$60 including shipping and paypal


Hoya Pro1 Digital Circular Polarizer - 82mm thread

Annoyed to have to sell this but as I no longer have any lenses with a thread over 49mm it would be a bit silly. Great polarizer that I used a lot for commercial work. Does not vignette at 16mm on a FF camera. Plastic case is a bit cracket (but not broken), filter is more than fine.

$65 including shipping and paypal.

Please PM or email me at pomsbz AT yahoo DOT com.