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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This is a community of photographers dedicated to making and delivering fine pictures.

You need to register with your Real Name and that all takes a minute! Then you can jump right in, introduce yourself and we're ready to enjoy your company.

We are pretty laid back and have no problems discussing anything as we are not limited except what we don't know. The latter we try to dispatch.

We support anyone who helps this process, individual, small company of major player. Where we can, we'll support you; stengthening us in the process.

Please join us as opposed to lurking as we'd like you to join in the discussions.

As long as things are professional there's not censorship here and we don't ban people, but for spammers.

Doug Lloyd

New member
Asher I really like the feel of this site. I am in no way a TECHNOCRAT about photography so don't feel adequate to do anything more than read the threads on cameras lens etc and hope to learn a bit.
I have been hesitant to post in the photo boards a lot so as not to be a posting pig. Wildlife is my favorite topic and since I joined and posted 2 shots there has been a total of one new post. Im thinking some of the folks who don't register or register and don't post see or feel that the board is slow. I sure would like to see more photos posted. BTY I posted2 in Wildlife today.

Mike Unsold

New member
I really am so happy you are here. We have a lot of lurkers and many new great photographers have joined. We have diversions over holidays. However, I can see we are increasing everywhere.

Check the large format section, posts on lightZone, on the M8.

There's a lot of new stuff coming. :)