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Hartblei MF - cam

Michael Fontana

pro member
"....so we decided to build a camera by ourselves. The camera should be completely open for all MF backs on the market and should use a 35mm lens mount as an interface to support all lenses, no matter whether 35 mm or MF. The plan was to give access to extreme wideangles down to fisheyes or superteles and while maintaining a reasonable price offering (i.e. below 5000 € with TTL spot finder plus electric Film-/D-Backslider)."

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Seems like a bargain!

I love the idea of using any lens and back. What format can it build up scans to with the shift back? I can't quite understand what's in the kits and whether that's a bargain.


Alain Briot

pro member
It's a great solution. I did not see the lens adapters listed in the price list. Do you know how much these are and what mounts are offered?