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Heated Exhibitionista ...


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

How on earth do you get away doing this! I guess you are very much braver than most or the railway station is very tolerant or has few cameras and police around!

I guess it's possible if one knows when there are few travelers around!

What are the laws where you are. Here it's considered illegal but actually there has to be some complaint that the nudity disturbed someone else there. Still it would not actually be illegal unless one oersisted despite the objections of others in that same location.

My second visit will be about the picture, but first I wanted to find out about how one goes about staging such a picture, assuming that it's not constructed of two separate images



Jerome Marot

Well-known member
I remember that thread where Susanna was not shot in the cold, so I suppose that this model was not shot in public either...

I also remember that other thread leading to that website where the picture above is presented.

And I'll say it again: you should really contact people selling actual sex toys to have some of your creations manufactured. Really. They are looking for designers and you have just the products they need.
Thank you!

Well as most of my projects, I create things that are not always what they seem to be =) Im just after the result that I have in my head.

I have no clue about the nudity laws here in Sweden.
Well she did not fall over =) The horisontal angle of the image is not totally straight, so it looks like everything is leaning a little. So if I had fixed the angle the effect would have been a little less.

But very unnatural leaning can be fun to do, and its quite easy to do =). Heres a selfie example at an exhibition.


... or flying =)