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Help needed 3D printing a RingLight housing for AD200/PRO & 24-70 f2.8


Deleted member 55

I have a working prototype to use on a FlashPoint/Godox AD200/PRO!

I have made 4 complete plugin heads using a Canon ML-3 housing & flash tubes to mount on a AD200/PRO that is fully functional including 2 1/2 watt LED focusing lights!

The ML-3/200 as I call it works very well but is not large enough to use with 24-70mm or 70-200mm f2.8 as well as many others.

I am hopeful that I can find someone to help with this project.

I believe using a 3D printer to make a housing for just the flash tube will make a nice lite & portable flash head.

I believe it is possible to use a similar setup but requiring the use of an extension cable to use it with an AD400PRO! (YES IT IS A 400WS TUBE)

Here are some photos to show that I am not full of BS.



Here is the larger flash tube I plan to use. (YES IT IS A 400WS TUBE)


Here is the bench test firing using the same cable assembly using the AD200PRO!


Hard to get proper timing so I just took the best looking video frame grab from my iPhone!

I will be happy to build several units in exchange for helping with the housings.

I just want to make several for me & my friends.

Thanks to all that can help!

Will T.
"Galleries don't hang DxO charts" David Hull
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