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Hi, there


Doug Kerr


Congratulations, Asher, on the birth of this forum arena. I wish well to all involved.

I am actually less a photographer than a "photographic engineer", by which I mean that I am afraid I am more interested in how cameras work, and in the underlying physics, optics, and geometry, than in actually doing photography! Often what is involved is really "reverse engineering".

As many of you may know from my work on other forums, my posts are likely to be tutorials about such matters, and even comments on what I consider proper usage of technical terminology!

I have a number of technical articles, mostly in the area of phtography and optics, avaible for perusal on my Web site, "The Pumpkin". Here is its URL:


My background is in telecommunication engineering, but I am currently mostly retired.

Much earlier in my life, I was active in industry standards activities in the area of data communication. I was the principal author and editor of the standard for the first complete version of ASCII. I also invented the Caps Lock key (so curse me if you must).

My bride of almost 7 years, Carla, is a retired administrative assistant and an ace proofreader and copy editor (among many other talents). She is of Cherokee ancestry and points out that her tribe was the first American Indian tribe to have a written language with its own syllabary. (It is organized much like the Katakana syllabary used by the Japanese to write foreign words.)

Now I have to learn how to operate this BBS scheme!

Best regards,