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High in the Arctic !! Eskimo....!

David J. Eves

New member
Well that article stated that some villages have to spend 1,500 a month to heat their homes !!

$400 a week on groceries ???

Well in Barrow, heat is basiclly FREE !! In Point Hope it would cost us 60 bux to heat our house for 9 weeks !!

So these prices are not what we experience up here, but in rural southern/ west remote villages it appears to be quite different.

I know here in Barrow we spend more than $1,000 a week on food easily !!

yeah it is tough, ALL OVER the country / world with this financial crisis that is about to usher in this New World Order we have been hearing about.

We are all in for some very life changing times ! I am afraid this is going to get quite nasty before it ever gets better if it ever does.

Time will tell !!
Northern MN

I have lived in Alaska back in the 70s working on the pipeline.Im now in northern MN and Living completly off grid.Its a little more work but heating costs here can be quite high also.Just use a little planning and a lot of insulation!I have a piping system which the water is heated by the wood and circulates through the walls of the cabin.It works well in the summer to cool the cabin also.A greenhouse here is almost essential which extends my growing season almost 6 weeks.Id be more than welcome to share some advice.

Matthew Erricson

David J. Eves

New member
I am here - finest of phine and greatest of grate !!!

Swine flu is here in Barrow - I am convinced that this h1n1 was man made on purpose !!


I have been spending lots of time in 3D Studio Max - creating - characters !!

Letting my camera 'thaw out' !!




Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I am here - finest of phine and greatest of grate !!!

Swine flu is here in Barrow - I am convinced that this h1n1 was man made on purpose !!
Hi David,

There's a disadvantage in being in such a cold place. The germs can last that little bit longer! An important way of not getting infected is to keep one's fingers away from contact with door handles, faucets and anything other people with flu might touch. I doubt there are many elevators, but if there would be, use the knuckle, not the finger! Use your jacket to open a door handle to go from one room to another. Wash your hands frequently. The next thing is not be be around anyone who is sneezing! Even at 10 feet one might get infected. This germ, HiNi is pretty close to that which killed 20 million people in the Pandemics around time of World War I. It's not man made. Except that we are so close to wild birds that their bird 'flu strains mix with ours in Asia and each year, new strains spread to the rest of the world.

However, we now can make vaccines and soon the production will be enough to cover all the young susceptible folk and pregnant women.

In the meanwhile, don't miss out on a good night's sleep, over use alcohol or cigarettes as that will make the airways more vulnerable to infection.

Keep well and and the pictures coming. You are always on our minds!