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How GALLERY ONE works and what to expect!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
GALLERY ONE is a changing vibrant showcase. It's the only highly curated section in OPF.

So it will evolve. Some photographers will submit few pictures at a time and we'll have to negotiate more. Others will deliver and generously. What you see today might just be the first spread of a photographer's pictures with some destined to survive and others not. Other pictures might be the first few of a significant collection that will build over time. So it's good to return and see the latest exposition.

The comments might be left or eventually edited and used as brief kudos marks, pointing out those aspects that were liked. So expect evolution until a thread is mature and then we might fix it, as darkroom photographers do and it will stay as is for some time.

So be prepared to grieve for occasional pictures being requested to be replaced. Ultimately, if the chef is great, the presentation and experience will be worth all the choices and sacrifices and we'll serve to the public only the best of the best.

If, however, you really choose your very best work with the idea that each image "belongs" to the set but adds something new, then it would be something that I would want to treasure and respect "as it is", unchanged. It's much harder for any curator to put him/herself in the position of the artist than it is for the artist to sit down with his own children, face them and sacrifice the weaker ones. Either way, it's a tough and painful process but the collections are better for that great effort.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Are all welcome to submit photos to Gallery One (subject to the proviso that they might disappear)?

Not Quite, Doug!

To submit, just send the collection to me by PM. I'll work with you so there's an agreed start to your exhibition. Subsequently there should then be much less chance of unexpected changes. However, as time goes on you might want to offer more images or swop some out.

(For the very first photographers, we have had to refine our methods and so some may have many pictures, more than a collection has to be, with some closely similar versions of the very same subject. There we will see the most changes). So going forward, it's best to send the submission to me for curating and then post it.

Anyone is welcome, (at the considerable risk of initial rejection perhaps), to offer a submission of one's favorite images for inclusion in GALLERY ONE. This would represent the best of your work in a coherent "first set". This can be supplemented later on. You can submit more than necessary and then I'd make my suggestions as to what I think might be strongest.

I hope that now makes sense!