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How much ring light flash power is enough?

Will Thompson

When using a Canon MP-E65 with a MR-14 at 5X magnification, How much more power would be enough?
I have access to a modified ML-3 that will do 200 watt seconds TTL, will that be enough when fully stopped down at ISO 100 and full magnification?
It depends on how close the flash is top your subject.
At 5x magnification you'll need 25x as much light that you would t 1:1

I've found my TTL flash can't manage low enough power for more normal macro unless it's moved a bit further off - a full arms reach works fine.

Paul Iddon

I'm still experimenting with my new twin flash, and have it TTL at zero EV or EV-0.3 so far. It seems to work OK, though I do adjust things in LR.