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I can't shoot another picture

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
Hard getting back into photography mode, after shooting every day of the week for a total of some 20 thousand-plus images over the past 5 months in Nicaragua.

I am sure though that after a few weeks while I take on the task of rebuilding my professional photography website at www.robertwatcher.com - - - I'll be eager to pull out my gear and hunt around for content as well as get working on some client work.

My task since getting home, is transferring the data from hundreds of DVD storage disks of my professional work since 2002 - onto large hard drives so that I can get rid of the extra bulk of hauling around all of those disks - - - as well as getting them organized so that duplicate files are eliminated and I can effortlessly visit and even process any file that I want to. This has been an arduous task. I forgot how slowly DVD's load and then having to copy all of the contents from each one. Oh and I made the mistake of saving all of my older digital files and high rez scans from film - in a proprietary Corel format. So all of those have been converted to a usable format.

Anyway, that task is almost done and I have been finding some wedding images that I liked when I shot them, but have never posted online. Here are a few to keep me active until I desire to shoot again :).


Maggie Terlecki

Well-known member
You've given us some very interesting photos, Robert. I love the second one especially. It is so timeless, looks like it could have been taken yesterday but at the same time, in the 50s.

Sydney Rester

New member
#3. It's all about #3 for me. The light, the processing, the movement in her dress, them running into the future ... I love it!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

There's an abandon of joy beyond sheer acclaim. Besides a wedding, this could only be a major election victory.