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Ice Sculptor


Tom dinning

Cool, Jake. Wouldn't last long here. The lighting and sense of movement do heaps for the mood of the photo.
What's the story, Jake.

Do you know the artist or came across this by chance at one of the shows you recently visited.


At each show there are usually a few musical acts and live creation of art(live painting, body painting, fire juggling, ice sculpting, etc.)

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thanks for the repair, Jake! I updated the thread to reflect the new link!

This is an outstanding picture that I have often returned to find it disappeared as if the light of the monitor melted it away! Hope now it will linger a while as it's so enjoyable.

Jake Klein: The Ice Sculptor

I love the light filtered through the ice making a shooting tent for your subject with very gentle roll off of light form bright to shading.

Also, this, in some way, signifies the work of man, brilliant, but transient or brilliantly transient or the brilliance of a transients or else transient brilliance, but however imagined, where's a timer going that ensures the same result, nothingness.

Life as lived and open arms to joy of discovery of what forms are hidden in a block of ice relates to man's quest for discovery in spite of transience.

However, we cheat the system by sharing our discoveries and so younger lives continue with them and what falls down they build again. The secret of life is then a constant giving away of one's treasures to a new generation!

That's how it works!

A wonderfully inspiring photograph.

Go to the top of the class, Jake!


P.S. does it have siblings?