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Intro - Terry Wyse


New member
Hello all,

Semi-professional amateur? Amateur Semi-pro? Pro semi-amateur? I'll settle for Semi-amateur non-professional!

Anyway, Been in printing/graphics since I was knee-high to light table and vertical process camera. Work as a color management consultant these days after many years in the prepress trenches working primarily as a scanner operator.

Photography is strictly a hobby but I've been known to take on a few gigs now and then, usually after my wife volunteers me. Only regular photo gig is photographing 70-something home school kids (we home school also). Do the occasional figure work when I can talk my wife into it but have never done this kind of work for others (too scared perhaps).

Since my photo "beginnings" I've been a Pentax guy (ME, couple ME-Supers, the one OTHER guy who bought a Pentax LX(!), K-something or other). I've dabled in medium format with a RB-67 years ago and currently have a 4x5 view with a couple of lenses.

Got into digital/DSLR a couple of years ago with the Sigma SD-9 (Foveon chip). Overall pretty happy but sort of feel like I'm ready for the next step. No question that I've been happy with the sharpness of the Foveon but have had a real battle getting decent fleshtones with it. Remains a struggle to this day but Camera Raw has helped a lot (and Bruce Fraser's book on ACR).

I'd like my next DSLR to be a Pentax but the 6-ish megapixel cameras aren't worth the switch after having tasted the sharpness of the Foveon sensor. I'm thinking Canon 5D and ANOTHER change of system/lenses ($$$).

I've got a reasonable studio set-up for an amateur. 4 Photogenic monolights, softbox, umbrellas, couple of muslin backdrops, etc. Enough to have fun with.

Looking forward to reading/hearing the advice of others. I'm personally hoping for fairly technical discussions on things related to color management, proofing RIPs and Photoshop techniques. I tend to be strong in color management and proofing RIPs in particular so I hope to contribute as well as listen.

My hope would be for something different than I've experienced on another photography related site that had a forum dedicated to the Sigma Foveon DSLRs. THAT forum simply turned into a "look at the latest photos I took!" deal. Frankly I'm not all THAT interested in other's photos unless it helps to illustrate a technique or enlightens in some way.

Looking forward....

Terry Wyse
WyseConsul Color Management Consulting

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Terry,

Welcome! your experience in printing, graphics and pre-press is certainly a valuable resource. you are also not the only one who grew up as a Pentax fan. I look forward to seeing your posts and your contributions. If you have ideas on prepress articles or others who should be asked, please contact me.

Anyway, without any more fanfare, come in, enjoy the new home!

Asher :)