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Introduce your favorite non-Adobe software!

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
Thanks so much Robert!

BTW how do I replicate “Ambience” in Snapseed. It allows me to rank the main subject optimally in importance and lighting before any other changes

Next I am so appreciative of your description of On1. It now appears thrn that it is essentially equivalent to having PS with Topaz Studio AND Portrait Professional!

I have many portraits to do and would love to have Snapseed on my computer to start off but perhaps On1 is what o should look out. It seems so promising!


The beauty is that On1 provides a fully functioning Trial for 14days. Requires nothing more than including an email. In that time it should be easy to see if it is valuable to your workflow or not. Then just uninstall if not.

As for Snapseed Ambience adjustment, I’ve never been able to figure out what magic it includes LOL.


Robert Watcher

Well-known member
This is one of the few shoots where I have saved the files as both RAW and JPEG at the same time,. So I thought I would run a RAW image that I took at 6400 ISO with my Olympus micro 4/3 camera, with Zoom lens at the 35mm equivalent of 416mm and exposure of f6.3@1/100’th - late in day, after sunset at the end of the shoot.

A strange thing I found happened that actually has been documented - is that opening the RAW file in Topaz Denoise was very dark compared to how it looks as a JPEG opened in the same program.

At any rate - this comparison between On1 Photo Raw NoiseAI (top) and Topaz Denoise AI (bottom) - set at the default calculated values —— shows very good results in both programs. An advantage for me with On1 is that the adjustments are on a layer that can be blended and masked to refine the effect or apply it to certain areas.

These are straight from camera with absolutely no cropping or adjustments before running through the noise plugins.



I have also included the a second pic of the same Topaz Denoise AI result, but brightened in Snapseed to a similar exposure value to the On1 result, for an easier comparison


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Robert Watcher

Well-known member
Oh yeah. A few other useful features built in that I haven’t tested yet - Pano, HDR, Focus Stacking and creating a Time Lapse Movie from selections, plus sky replacement. Also supposed to be a Mobile App for working on tablets. Havent checked that either

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This one seems to have more natural color! It’s the last image above.

Here face seems more natural and it seems your is not over-saturated!


Thanks for sharing!