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It took a while, but here is the Pentax K-1

Michael Nagel

Active member
After the decision not to put the MZ-D into series production in 2000 - it had the same 6 megapixel 24x36mm sensor from Philips like the Contax N Digital (which is probably one of the reasons why Contax is no more) - it took almost 16 years until the K-1 appeared.

The camera has the same sensor like the D800.

This is certainly not a revolutionary camera, but there are some interesting features.

I wonder if Nicolas has already put hands on it.

Best regards,

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I'd say that the ability to routinely fuse a series of images and get a more detail rich result would be revolutionary in a standard production camera in this price range. Doubtless you can tell me that this feature is already available in a slew of cameras that I have missed. But for me, it's revolutionary that so many superb camera models are using Sony sensors and that will force Canon to bring out their own more advanced sensors earlier than they otherwise would do.

Adding up the influence of Nikon, Pentax, Phase One-Leaf and Leica to the block of technical prowess standing up to Canon, means that Canon might get nudged to release its Foveon-like CMOS sensors and also perhaps bring us to 16 BIT processing of the files.

Anyway, I have a great love of Pentax cameras. I still use my Spotmatic on rare occasions and acquire the lenses for use on my Sony A7 R.

Bravo to Pentax for this camera coming in at such a generously reasonable price!