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Ruben Alfu

New member
Hi James

Overall I like this portrait. I like her fresh, natural look. Her pose goes well with the blowing hair. The contrast between her clean, almost innocent image and the graffiti works fine. The composition is interesting but the white part of the wall grabs too much attention. This would be fine for editorial or advertising use, but it looks distracting to me in a portrait. It wouldn´t hurt to clone out some of those strings of hair on her face.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

As Ruben remarks, this is a very pleasant picture of a lovely young lady

To me the freshness of her complexion contrasts well with the graffiti wall. Those off wisps of hair are fine by me. I see no need to clean that up unless that was a requirement for editorial use in a magazine.

What's missing is the purpose: fun? Yes it's successful!