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News: Keeping fingers crossed!

Kathy Rappaport

pro member
Hi All!

Sorry I've been sort of absent, but, I have been shooting (weddings and portraits) and trying to drum up business.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I presented some travel images to a local bistro for wall art to sell and show as gallery fine art pieces and they said yes - we still have to come to terms but the place is well known and busy. I've shared here many of my travel pieces with you all and it's very exciting.

I got a 2nd yes to do the same at the restaurant across from my studio. Not in the same magnitiude but it would bring me a lot of attention - which is good enough!


Active member

Hi Kathy,

I am so happy for you, you have been working very hard towards getting to this stage in your career. I hope things will only get better and better. Fingers crossed!


Kathy Rappaport

pro member
Thank you

Thanks Nicolas - The owner of the restaurant is originally from Marseille. He wants the photos I have taken in France. St. Emilion and Nice and Honfleur will work well!

and Giorgio - Welcome to OPF!

Kathy Rappaport

pro member
Thank you

Thank you, Jan,

I am really excited. I got an email to make an appointment to show the work framed ready to hang. I will probably go in the next week to meet with him.

Kathy Rappaport

pro member

I have a sample of the images ready to show the restaurant owner all finished. Off to meet with him this week with a full gallery of images to show him what is available.

All the images are from my travels to France.