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Street Monochtome/B&W Letchworth Food Festival

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

It’s a pleasure to see B&W presentation in “street” photography as it brings everything into the same universe of textures, form and composition. We don’t have any clashing garish man-made colors or even we’ll matched graceful hues that distract from what is real. Colors in nature are for courtship/fertility, camouflage or intimidation. But humans have more often, than not, a lack of sense for “what goes with what” and in a public space there can be a cacophony of disonent voices that detract from the substance and reality of what is “really there”!

This is perhaps why B&W images seem so “natural”, as we anyway have the mental ability to add any important colors, subconsciously, so we instantly “know” a Royal Mail letter box is actually red!

Likewise we “know” caution tape at a crime or accident scene is yellow and so forth.

So here, we have no need for anything but the form and textures with the poses of these woman, one self-involved with her phone and the other waiting for a customer and thinking about how she is going to have to pack all this up and schlepping it home at the end of the day!

Perfect for monochrome!