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Lightroom 5

Nicolas Claris

Lightroom 5 is out and downloadable from Adobe
There is 1 month free trial.
It can be purchased as usual or thru the misty cloud…
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Maggie Terlecki

Active member
Thanks, Nicolas.
I'm still on version 3, but the upgrade is very reasonable. When 3 came out, I think it cost close to $350, so $79.00 for the upgrade is great, especially I want it before they decide to fog it all up :)-D) in the cloud.


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I have installed LR5 the other day, next to LR4.4. It has copied and converted my 4.4 database to the new version, as usual, but it took more than an hour to do so. Perhaps it is because my db contains some 200K pictures. Anyway, it is running just fine and one should pay close attention to find the differences between 4.4 and 5. The spot removal tool looks the same, but one can paint with it now. It works kind of like the patch tool in PS. Then there is the new radial filter. There is an upright correction tool in the lens correction section, which is not to my liking because it lacks manual controls. I understand that there are some improvements in the book & slideshow modules. There are some other improvements such as the PNG support, LAB color readout under the histogram (right-click on the histogram to choose it), duplicating adjustments (CTRL-ALT Click/Drag) and true full screen viewing (F). Then there is the smart preview option which makes it possible to take the catalog with you on other devices without having the original pictures. That is the most significant improvement for image professionals, but of lesser importance for people like myself who only uses LR on one computer.

All in all, I am not so certain whether these improvements are enough to warrant a major release number. However, LR5 is definitely better than 4.4, that's for sure.

These are my initial impressions, you should take it with a pinch of salt.