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Little bassist at a medieval church

Jarmo Juntunen

Well-known member
Fathering a teenager is a full-day job. Luckily this one still agrees to model for me. I treasure these moments I still get with her.

Shot at St Mary's Church, Sastamala, Finland. Jan 15th, 2022



Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Wonderful series for so many reasons!

First it’s an achievement to get any family female over 12 to pose longer than 20 seconds!

Next the Church itself is precious on the hillside.

The low cost bracket reinforcement on apparently all window corners implies no specific plan for maintenance, just a desperate last find of enough money to delay the seemingly “inevitable return to nature” of this majestic symbol of community devotion to an idea of joy!


Jarmo Juntunen

Well-known member
Thank you Asher! I agree, children/young adults at that age always feel somehow off… ugly, not-belonging, different… you name the it, they feel it! All the more important to find and make use of these opportunities. And you know what? She was happy to see the results! I passed the test of the toughest possible audience.

About the brackets. That was actually the traditional way of manufacturing windows back in the day. Such construction was very sturdy, easy to make (any village carpenter could do it) and long-lasting. They have been replaced now by factory manufactured window frames, of course, but can be found in many old buildings.