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Magazines cover pages

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The Lagoon 630 MY featured on the cover of Yachting Magazine #1300, April issue.
Shot with a Pentax 645 Z

Not to forget a nice feature inside with 8 pages included a magnificent double spread as opening…



The "nice feature" here is the circular motif on her fashionable swimsuit fits so well in with the name of the cat-yacht, "Circum-Cat"! Yes, this is subtle, but it does work and whether or not one realizes it, the brain does not miss clues like this in building a meaning of the picture. Moreover, you've also placed her as a complementary additional vertical to the strong array of such lines, from the edge of the bow to the railings and structure above her. The texture of the water revealed in the bright light to the left of the boat balances the entire picture. But in doing so, we accept this as pretty damn "natural", in spite of the viewer of the magazine knowing it was, likely as not, posed.

They are both superb ladies. This is a very good commercial picture in that the boat is shown in a way that radiates a great relaxed but competent lifestyle on the water. It's high class, since that lady can go on any boat, and being on board, is a commendation fro the boat and the class of the owners.

Although this picture seems so simple, it really has beautiful features and even slicing of an edge would put it out of balance.


nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Thank you Asher

However, below is the orignal image sent (6010x8131 pix thank to the Pentax 645 Z!)
They cropped it according to their taste and I lowered the sky to get their titles easily readable…


This is not posed, but directed…
I did the downsizing in one quick go for posting here, I know, there are some artifacts due to that but the original size is not over sharpened ; )

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thanks, Nicolas,

I wouldn't have expected that it was cropped. But now I realize they rebalanced your photograph with their major elements of overlay of text. That still requires balancing everything and they did a great job.

Still, the original is even better.