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My World: Meanwhile,

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Back in Laos....



Well-known member
Hi Fahim,

Here is a woman who is captured intimately while she is concentrating on doing something, which we cannot immediately guess what. Knowing you a bit, you must have been talking with her before/after taking this shot. She seems to be comfortable by your presence and does not mind being photographed. It is difficult to judge her age, I think that she may be more than middle aged. But then again, I am puzzled by her clothing style and the bow in her hair which suggest that she might be a bit younger. By isolating her from her environment, you have created this feeling of intimacy and focus on her. We would not guess that this was in Laos if you hadn't told us. I am curious about her story, what did you discuss with her?

Thanks for sharing.