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Monkey see monkey do and does not own photos

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Folk seem to forget we are top of the food-chain foraging beasts and that, we can eat animals, use their skin for shoe leather or fur for warmth. Of course there is no need to be cruel!

In this planet now, protecting species from extinction and keeping the oceans and rivers healthy is where PETA should put their efforts!

This is worse than the excesses, (of the otherwise about time), #”me to” movement in P.C. correctness! Women are at least beautiful partners and can do anything as well or better than men. So their special rights are certainly well-earned!

Apes do not have such rights. But all the effort PETA spent fighting this creative photographer could be better spent rescuing orphan primates after their parents have been butchered by poachers!

Mink & muskrat farm or or squirrel fur use does not alter our precious animal populations that are going to go extinct without conservation, and yet these PETA activists are putting precious energy into overprotective foolishness! Now they want apes to be considered as litigants! What next?

I am so happy the courts rules against PETA, as they would be encouraged to waste more of the court systems time and further extend the delusions of their shortsighted supporters!