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More signs of the Apocalypse

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
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nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Hmmm awfull
I can imagine the frustration of these guys…

But what unconsciousness from them to rely one back-up only, and even not manageable by them!

Finnaly my double back-up of thousands of RAWs files one on site on a AID sever, the other one on DVDs (yes I know these don't last life life long) in the safe at the bank, is not a so bad idea.

Anyway I would never rely (only) on an external source for back-ups…

BTW let me point out here another great advantage of digital over film, you may have as "original duplicates" as you wish and store them in different places. Impossible with film, any duplicate is decreasing the quality…

Kathy Rappaport

pro member

I know of a few photographers who w ere storing backup there. Sorry for that.

Personally, I have a SmugMug pro site but also back up myself to multiple hard drives and each project to multiple dvd's as well. I cannot fathom leaving all of my stuff in just one place where it could be lost forever.

Nill Toulme

New member
The problem here seems to be not just the loss of the files, but also the loss of a lot of indexing work that users had done online, as well as many $$$ of pending online orders.