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Mornin' in Saligao

Rajan Parrikar

pro member
From my ongoing series Morning in Goa.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

At the first sight, the marvelous colors of the soft angelic skies mesmerized me but then the purposely sharp abundant packed precisely drawn detail of the extensive foreground, broke the spell. I felt that elements and strengths appeared to be fighting in the presentation and not in an appealing way.

From my ongoing series Morning in Goa.



Alanna, wrote "Beautiful!" and so I'm forced to look at this picture again. What I find is a situation that occurs when one lacks viciousness to carve into the living flesh of one's children, one's carefully imagined and executed living pieces of art! Here we have an impressive scene that really consists, at least in my view, of two related but overlapping pictures, both impressive and both sharing common ground in the center of the image.

There's one picture where the impressive foreground is completely balanced when no more than 1/3 of the sky is allowed in the frame. The opposing picture is one where all the sky is celebrated with just the upper 1/3 of the foreground. Each version has it's own beauty. The issue here is one of balance. Where is most of the investment of the artist's intent?

Of course, I may not come to this picture with the right preparation. Likely other sensibilities might allow both sets of images I describe to be experience harmoniously or else perhaps the disharmony I feel is what is intended from the outset. However "Beautiful" is hard for me to put here as the one label.


Paul Abbott

New member
I think this is a beautiful scene, too. But there is no interest in the bottom third of the image, my eye just roams down there aimlessly.

A panoramic crop of the top half concentrating the eye more on the beauty and colours of the horizon line is a must in my view. The horizon line in the centre of the image is not a favourable thing to do without reason either.

Jus' my two pfennigs....

Much of my photography involves taking pictures of something I find interesting, beautiful, etc. while having zero control of the camera position.

I have become a huge fan of the panocrop.