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New Beta version of SNS-HDR 1.x

Hi folks,

After a (very) long time, Sebastian Nibisz released a first, incomplete, trial/beta version of SNS-HDR for Windows with the new controls that will be available in the (still) upcoming new version 2.

As said, not all of the old features are implemented yet, but the new controls look very exciting, even better than the old ones. There is a significant increase of processing speed (almost 2x as fast) compared to the current V1.4.22, due to the use of the computer's GPU capabilities.

The upcoming version 2 will have these new controls, the GPU speed-up, and a couple of other improvements like improved noise reduction and Chromatic Aberration reduction. The upgrade will be free for existing license users, according to Sebastian on his Forum.

Sebastian is inviting user feedback on his forum (let's keep doing bug reports there, it's easier for him not having to check multiple fora), but he is already busy fixing some of the early issues, so check the thread before responding there.

I'm not sure if the trial works for non-licensed users or whether it will time-out. Since I am licensed, it automatically recognizes that, and installs itself in a separate sub-directory, thus leaving the current version intact.

It's exciting to see the best HDRI tonemapping application getting even better. Recommended!

And no, there is no Mac version. Sebastian's attempts to produce one, and him finally giving up, are part of the reason why it has taken so long for this upgrade to appear. I believe that there are happy users of SNS-HDR that use Parallels on Mac to be able and access the capabilities of this Windows program (and also some other gems like e.g. Q-image Ultimate, but that's something for another thread).