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New firmware comming for 1DMKIIn?

Brian Lowe

New member
Someone on dpreview reported getting a new 1DMKIIn the other day with firmware V1.1.0.

Anyone else know of this possible new firmware ?

Humm, maybe a new release is coming soon.

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Tim Rucci

New member
Mk II N new firmware...

I read on another forum that Chuck Westfall had reportedly told someone that Canon would soon release a firmware update to allow reading of SD cards over 2gig. If this is true, it is welcome.


Dennis Lathem

New member
Yes, being able to utilize a 4GB SD card in the 1DMkIIn would be great indeed. I wonder if a similar firmware is in the pipeline for the plain old 1DMkII. I have one of each and would very much like the option of using 4GB SD in both of them.

Tom Yi

New member
Was there a problem with older firmwares not being compatible with 4GB cards and does the firmware v1.1.0 fix that?
John, you don't happen to have a 4GB SD Card, do you?