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New Topaz DeNoise AI! Free update/double-discounted

Today Topaz sent out a reminder email to existing customers about the current DeNoise sale. Be aware that you can always save an ADDITIONAL 15% using this link and coupon code for DeNoise or any other Topaz product.

As far as settings go, Topaz offered some suggestions:

"So how can you get the most out of DeNoise AI in terms of noise and artifact removal? There are three sliders you can control from the interface if you don’t like the automated detection. Pushing the sliders to the extreme level will not give you the best output all the time. If your noise level is low then keeping the slider in the lower range should give the best output. With DeNoise AI, you now you have more fine control on the output through the slider rather than just a few steps."

"This night image is very noisy, so we upped the Remove Noise slider, then added back in a little detail and sharpness to the edges with the Enhance Sharpness and Restore Detail sliders."
Hi guys, sorry for the delay, just saw the question.

Neat Image is one of the classic noise reduction options. The new Topaz DeNosie AI is based on cutting-edge AI tech which seems to be making a big difference for a lot of people.

Both apps offer trials, you can test them on your own images. I assume you saw my own examples in the blog post linked above.

If it helps your decision any, until late tonight (FR 5/3) you can get a double discount on DeNoise AI.