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Newest Video vintage, conceptual impressions

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member
Hi Antonio-

I am not sure if I remember who did the music. There are over a million genres to chose from. It took me around 2 hours to finish this and most of that time was co-ordinating music to art to time…
and Thank you for watching and I am so pleased you enjoyed it. This is a great way to show a lot of your work all at once however very time consuming but I love doing it.
Bravo for the video and the choice is music works exceptionally well. I liked it a lot!

I am a little perplexed as I don't understand how you don't know who did the music? I would think you'd want to credit them at the end of the video?

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member
If you can find it cool! I don't have the file though- When I worked on this I went through a lot of music this vid took 2 hours and at the end I had to get it out for a publisher so I was in a huge rush- rush is my new name of late- Thank you!