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Nice Catch, Cisco!

Nicolas Claris

What a lovely hound. With pictures like this, Chris, a short series is in order: “click-click-click”!

Vertically stacked and in one frame!

Sorry Asher
For once, I disagree…
An indeed very nice catch, but we don't need the entire story, we are creative enough to imagine before and after…
That's the power of a single photograph!
We call it an image…

Chris Calohan

Active member
I did do a composite but I don't feel it has the same impact as this one "in the exact moment" image and because Cisco's back was more toward the camera.


Chris Calohan

Active member
Just for grins and giggles, I went ahead and did the prequel to this shot which is also full of action but I like the first one best.