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Nicolas Genette Bio

Nicolas Genette

pro member

Nicolas Genette

• Born in 1976 at the shore of Golfe du Morbihan, Nicolas Genette grows between the beaches of Houat and the Auvergne, surrounded by his family inculcating the values of nature and ocean. Deeply and irreparably hurted by life in his childhood, he question himself very early on life and the world around him. He then develops an acute sense of observation, an exacerbated curiosity and sensitivity, which will allow him to focus on very different fields, and will bring him the desire to continue his way, but with a particular vision ...

A passion for aviation, by his father who built his own plane under his eyes, the one which he will fly in solo a few years later. A cradle in the ocean, he sailed for 15 years in competition, mainly in dinghies: 5o5, 49er, Australian 18" skiff, ... A complete sport, both physically and mentally, will provide him much in the discovery of the human being and will open his eyes and heart on the environment.

• Early attracted by creation universe of all sort, he starts his career in computer generated images and animations. But a genuine passion for the world and the nature of things seriously move him towards art photography, in love with a less technical and more intuitive, more natural tool. Beside computer graphics and sfx, he favor a much purer approach, more traditional, centered on observation and the shot.

• The subject itself does little interest, preferring to ask questions that can make through another vision.

"Curiosity has this fantastic that it makes the questions more interesting than answers. They open doors to other worlds, other realities, inexhaustible sources of enrichment. If we had all the answers, life would be reality, without dreams, without theories, without research, without ... questions ! A very sad and monotonous life in short. The only interest in the answer is the development covered, and that it often brings other questions, leading us elsewhere, and finally, construct ourself. After all do we really want to know everything? Don't we prefer maintain a part of unknown that allows us to believe in something else ?"

Exhibitions :

• 2014:
- August 1 - 15 : Moulin de Pen Castel, Arzon.
• 2013:
- November 29 to December 31 : Galerie des Docks, Brest, France.
- June 29 to July 31 : "Estivales Photographiques du Trégor", chapelle de St Samson, L'Imagerie Lannion.
- May 8-12 | 18-20 | August 4-18 : Art Center of Puyguérin, France.
- May, 7 - 12 : "Value sea stories", Port esplanade, Vannes, France.
• 2012:
- June, 23 - end of October : CAC Contemporary art space (Carré d'Arts Croisés), Mauzac, France.
- April, 13 - 26 2012 : Mayor's Garden - City hall, Mons, Belgium.
- December, 9 2011 - December 2012 : Personal exhibition, L'Original art gallery,Auray, France.
• 2011:
- June 4 - July 2 : Personal exhibition, Art Expo art gallery, Moulins, France.
- April 8 - June 5 : Retrospective, international Festival 'Photo de mer', Ile Aux Moines city hall, France.
• 2010:
- November 6 - December 4 : La Sirène Art gallery, Le Mans, France.
- April 9 - May 2 : International Festival 'Photo de Mer' 2010, Vannes, France.
- January 15 – February 26 : Personal exhibition, Barclays, Rennes, France.
• 2009:
- October 15-19 : Salon de la Photo, Paris (Hahnemühle stand).
- June 5 – September 30 : Festival Photo Peuples et Nature, off, La Gacilly, France.
- June 6 - 12 : International month of photography, Dol de Bretagne, France.
- May 14 – June 30 : Parlement de Bretagne, Rennes, France.
- February 12 - 15 : Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium.

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