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No one was injured in the making of this photo

Tom dinning

Being risky seems to be less of a thing for the old and cautious.
Being a photographer is the least risky activity I’ve ever been involved in.
The worst that could happen would be an ache in my arthritic right hand.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

There’s nothing here that involves risk, insult or aggression. This is an image of serene order.

In no way does it reveal the incisive nature of the artists actual relationships with us!

But Tom still is an exceptional high quality photographer with unique original points of view for his lens. That is to be treasured!

He has had a career as a teacher for challenged students and appears to be a defender of minority rights. I don’t pretend to understand him except I respect his photography to the nth!

However, when he speaks to others here, there can be real fire and damaging consequence as he has decisive opinions that crush others and are non-negotionable!

Unfortunately, he photographs little these days but does draw and appears talented at that.

I recommend you seek out more of his photographs and you will be rewarded!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I received this drawing from Tom a short while ago.


It would be interesting to hear your impressions.

Is there anything to read in this? Do you see symbolism or references that strike you.

Remember that this is work by a man who has refined his art over decades, but here, he only is limited by imagination not by what he sees with his lens!


Derek Strent

New member
It's great to hear that photography has become a safe and enjoyable passion for you. Taking photos can be a fantastic way to express creativity without too much risk. Plus, it's awesome that you're still pursuing your passion for photography despite the occasional ache in your hand. Remember, capturing those special moments for expecting families can be truly rewarding and bring so much joy to others. Keep doing what you love! If you ever need any tips or advice for your photography sessions, you can check out this maternity photography website for some inspiration. Happy snapping.
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Tom dinning

I’m not dead yet.
It seems I’m not meant to:die. Right now at least.
I haven’t figured it out; whatever it is.
Humans mostly. Strange creatures that roam the third rock fro the sun.
Wondering if they are alone.
Comforting themselves with ties to the past and wishes for the future.
Forgetting we are from the same.
Just shades of beige, minds locked into clusters that cannot see.

More so as my memory fails and denies me the will to belong.
I seek solace in what I can still do.
While I can remember who I am.


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Tom dinning

The meaning of any is mine.
Locked away where at time
I know not why.
For others I demonstrate only what is seen and done.
No more, not tales, no lies.
Just the fact that it is proof of life.
What others might suggest, believe, ponder, imply
Is their business not mine
Not part of what I do, what I think, what I am.
And when I’m gone; just a name mentioned
And a few scattered atoms to replenish the cycle.