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Not known enough - Agnès Pataux

Michael Nagel

Active member
There are photographers who get a lot of attention, are high-valued (literally in selling prices) and there are these who - from my personal point of view - deserve a lot more attention than they get now.

For me this is Agnès Pataux.

The first thing that made me curious on more was her book "Mon Irlande" - I suggest everyone to have at least a look.
She does not have her own website, but there is a portfolio and an interview on Edit Revue (in French).
There is the same interview with some more information (in French again) on Alain Yver's blog.

Sorry, there are no English pages with at least some information (except maybe a book review on Amazon), so there is little to read for the French-impaired.

There are a few more pictures.

There are other photographers who deserve more attention - I am curious on other names and opinions.

Best regards,

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
I did not notice that message when it was written 3 years ago. I notice it today, since you pointed to it in another thread.

I think Agnès deserves to be bumped for other members to look at her pictures.

I'll add a picture from her portfolio:


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Michael and Jerome,

I love French, I can get around and manage but I operate above my pay grade.

I started to read in French but realized I was only getting an echo of the descriptions. Lucky for us, there's an English original of the book for those of us not poetic in French. The book is now available onAmazon.com! My order goes in tonight!