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Review: OPF is well design.. kudos!

Pao Dolina

Active member

I would like to thank you for OPF.

I am writing to you to commend you for for a forum UI layout that maximizes the width of any screen to fully appreciate and view the image.

This was made possible by having the username & its details be located at the top of the post rather than the more traditional left side of the post.

Also grateful that you & your team decided to update the forum UI to year 2022 rather than year 2012.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Pia, you are very generous on your comments and support.

Everyone appreciates your stellar contributions!

The original design was a team effort but made possible in 2006 by Nicolas Claris the Bateaux, Chateaux, Gateaux famed photographer from Claris PR agency in Bordeaux France. The auto expansion of width was a particular feature we strived for.

For years we had our own IT expert, but he was eventually taken up with his own affairs.

I have managed everything my myself since then, hiring consultants to migrate to our current software several years ago.

I operate far, far above my pay grade but use smart folk hosting OPF to keep us on track!

I plan to add galleries once I have finished updating my personal website!