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Ornaments by Vanessa Zarate

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
we open this exciting new forum with a new and unique voice. Vanessa Zarate's voice is sinuous, beguiling, melancholy and full of magic. Her lyrics draw one in to a world of alllegory, into caves of struggle, torment, victory, questions but no regrets in the journeys we take for love and passion.

I have had the privilege of hearing songs being sculpted to final delivery. Her work is woven with dedication, musical mastery with threads of the language of all that is love, the hope the pain, joy and everything in between.

Martin Brown said:
... 9 months, Vanessa has been secluded in T Bone Burnett’s camp, recording and writing her debut album.

The music on this CD, is not classical in any way, but the vocals ranges and power are evident throughout. The music is contemporary, unique and intensely emotionally powerful. Vanessa sings about the pain of love in a way that drags the listener in and compels full attention. With sparse arrangements of keyboards, strings, and percussion, she demonstrates that less is very definitely more.

Lyrically poetic and challenging, her pain is worn on her sleeve as she sings sinuously and with tremendous sensuality. In these days of required musical reference points, it’s tempting to say there are none, but maybe that would be pretentious and elitist. So I will say that Vanessa mixes the poeticism of Leonard Cohen with the sensuality of Norah Jones and the overall feel of Portishead. But there is so much more depth and intricacy.

The challenge is to make a photograph that expresses the demanding sinuous voice and words of Vanessa in

Ornaments for those who wish to listen! Enjoy and be inspired!

They’re my ornaments
The boys that swing
The bells that ring

My placid, placent window dressing
For the stars, for the sky

I take them down
But one by one
And when we’re through
I’m overrun
And they become
My ornaments

Time stands still
As paintings tremble
And they are lost
As so am I

The waters thick
And fine the bramble
That sucks me in
To watch me die

The glitter band
The sparkled mister
They all have found me
Powered my luster

Some have run
Some have stayed
Some have whined
Some have prayed

But they’ve become
What they don’t see
A pretty kind
Of ruin for me

They’re my ornaments
The wayward souls
The giving thieves

A prison sentence
For my whole
Life it seems...

Is coming down
From the corners
I’m run aground
And they’ve become
The only thing that feeds me
The only thing that needs me

Thankful for my
Manly lament
The youth unknown
The freedom spent

The careless shatters
The silent torn
The lonely heart song
Of my ornaments gone

© Vanessa Zarate [/COLOR]

I hope we get some great photographs. All pictures will be sent to Vanessa! Post your comments too on her music!!!!!


All photography remains © of the photographer. If you extract verses of the songwriter, then you may be donating your images to the © owner of the lyrics! Single words, however, can be used.
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New member
Asher, the clip is too short.

From the short clip, it sounds really nice and is the kind of "female vocal pop" that I love. But it is hardly unique. Maybe more could convince me :) Either more clips or a longer clip.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Kris, Send me a PM and I'll send you the entire song! You'll like it!

The clip is a bit short. I wondered whether you'd get the sense from the words.


Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

I just happened to run open this
how beautiful-poetry and music-right up my alley-poetry especially is very very brilliant
I saw no one had placed a picture and what a shame
so I have one I think fits-



Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I just happened to run open this
how beautiful-poetry and music-right up my alley-poetry especially is very very brilliant
I saw no one had placed a picture and what a shame
so I have one I think fits-

You can't imagine how much joy this gives me that someone has found this great artist, Venessa and is so moved to contribute a picture inspired by her words. Did you also hear the song? It's mesmerizing. I hope you manage to hear more of her work. She's a treasure. The arrangement, engineering and all the instruments including the cello by my son Emile.


Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

yes-the music is what inspired me to do an overlay- I hoped that you would like it
I have always and always loved the cello(Yo Yo Ma) and would some day like to learn but alas I am into so much art now- your son did a wonderful job! you must be so proud-I love music and have a few friends who are musicians but I dont play any kind of instrument yet-may be some day-
lovely poem too-


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well, Charlotte is the only one that took up the challenge! Here's the new link to Ornaments, you can here a beautiful sample for free clicking the box next to each song. But you have to buy the CD to get the entire song. Still, if you buy it and you don't like it, I'll buy it back from you! That's only for the first 5 people!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I would commend you all to listen to Vanessa. I promise you will be intrigued by her gently sultry voice and intrigued by her lyrics.


Vanessa Zarate

She's a poet worth enormous breadth of imagination and able to paint with metaphors she mixes like a painted creates the hues for expression on the canvas.

Anyone want to create photographs to illustrate her voice/poetry?