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Perfect Landing

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Here is "art" from a found photograph, with the my addition of the bird, called Perfect Landing.

Closeup ...

Well done Per.

I can't think of a better element to add to Alfred's head! His movie "Birds" always has haunted me!

I love the colors. did you do this in software, if so what did you use, or is it from a print and with real acrylic or oil paint?

Also, what is the provenance of the original? Is it in public domain? If not, it's good to get consent so as not to have some fight with someone or their heirs, down the road?


Its a mix of everything =) ( all brush strokes are my own though ) and the final product is mostly acrylic paint and 4 layers of different "fluids" to get a surface that is a little original ( Satin Varnish etc ).

When the painting was done I was afraid to publish the painting online so I contacted the film company and they contacted the Hitchcock Estate and they gave me permission to use my painting =) online.

Jessica Little

New member
My favourite part is how the bird is looking in a slightly different direction. Its realistic and gives the photo a sense of depth, while making Hitchcock come across as even cooler/mystical. The found art idea is amazing, going to try and incorporate it into some of my own work. Thanks for the inspiration!
The color which are used are so pretty which makes the bird to Alfred's head good. The color blends are beautiful. I loved the image. Appreciate!!