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Portraits of Charly using a 35mm Lamegon

Dr Klaus Schmitt

Active member
Buddy of mine, Charles "Charly" Djivanidis, french chanson singer and retired restaurant chef, trained by Paul Bocuse.

It just so happened, so I had to use what I had with me, a Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm Lamegon lens on Pana GH4, shot at approx f5.6

[This lens was once made for highest resolution copies of documents to microfiche, I have adapted it to use on modern digital cameras. Resolution above 200lppm from what I could find out. Also used in larger form as a high resolution aerial reconnaissance lens for up to 284x284mm film format. This one covers 24x36mm]

Dr Klaus Schmitt

Active member
Fabulous lens and subjects!

Thanks Asher! Was unplanned, but the light was just too nice to not have tried it...

Almost too sharp!
Seems to be an excellent lens
Agreed Nicholas, I would have never even tried that with a female, but males look good
when all the masculine attributes get enhanced ;-)

[I would have used a much faster lens, wider open, if I had one on hand then...]