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Posting Images To OPF

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

In OPF we have one consistent approach to everything. We assume that ultimately, we all:

Have an Idea we need to execute into the physical form of an excellent photograph. To get people on the right track here is a guide to how one posts the image. Briefly:

Purpose: e.g. Art, Fashion, Wedding, Family snapshot, Product,Street, Lens Test, or other category you need/want

Context: London, Paris, School Soccer my Kid, crime scene, walk in wilderness alone, Waitress I met in New york, or something that is human/fun So we know something about your subject

Some Specifics: So Lesser photographers have some idea of what can be done if they were as good as you! Film, 4x5, Phone camera, M8 etc, focal length if you know, aperture, speed, lens if known or interesting.

Of course in a published Art Book, a Museum or Gallery the pictures are there to thrill, inspire awe or otherwise impress you and even want to own it, then, no one is interested in aperture, lens etc! Here it's a great kindness and saves asking every time!

Protect You Picture: All pictures should have your notice underneath © Jane Jackson or Photo by Jane Jackson or the like or else people can take your image perhaps legally! If you can add that also to the IPTC code via Photoshop or other software.

Size and color space:400 to 800 pixels wide roughly depending on need. (Use additional cut outs at 100% if you want to show detail. That is no way ever required! :) ) sRGB use "Convert to" sRGB not "Assign to" sRGB

Getting Picture in Post:

  1. You need the image hosted somewhere (ask if you don't know how)
  2. get the url
  3. type
  4. insert url of image between the
    and the picture will be loaded when you post!

Number of Pictures/post: 1-4 related images. Totally unrelated images make it odd/perplexing to reply to or critique.

Ownership: Not that you would think of it: Do not harvest pictures for your website or any other purpose. That's stealing.

All images are assumed to be for C&C, i.e. Comment and Critque unless specified comment only. Get permission for editing and reposting, in any case you cannot show someone elses work edited or not on your website or use it,

Challenge: Follow the requests of the photographer/moderator. In return for the privilege of participating, you assign totally the © creative contribution back to the photographer and retain zero rights and make available any versions to the photographer if requested. That way no one loses their picture.

Also read the TOS: Tems of service

Asher Kelman

PM a moderator for any clarification!
This is brief and will be updated shortly.
We hope to host all your images. We are working on that. :)
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