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Printed Portfolio Re-vamp

James W Hill

New member
I'm in the process of re-vamping my portfolio and would like your comments on methods of presentation.

The images have a narrative thread - they belong together and in an order. I want to avoid wedging them between poly sheets or presenting them singularly in window mounts. I'd like to be free to arrange them and size them as I please on the page (across two pages?)

I've been experimenting with Hahmeuhle double-sided Rag Paper. And I love it. For some things. (Given an ideal world I would prefer a double-sided Forte matt paper - anyone know of something similar?) My plan is to put the prints directly into a portfolio book with posts and score them at the hinge so that they lie flat. This would allow me to have an image breaking across two pages. (OK...I know.... but seems to work with one of the photos I have). As well as giving the whole book a fluidity.

A portfolio of this sort would not be as robust as others, but it should be easy to replace damaged sheets or include others.

Experiment is the answer, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has done something similar. All of this sounds a little precious - we all know that it is the quality of the images IN the portfolio that counts - but if you've got a set that you're proud of it makes sense to show them to their best advantage.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
One thing to do is perhaps to use iphoto albums or a simple template to play around with your design.

You can even add text but you can visualize different versions and see which best fits in to your vision.

The cost of actually printing it, if you choose to do this, is modest.

Then you can do all the time and material intensive work of optimizing the implementation of your chosen design. Layout structure is separate from choice of paper and binding in my opinion.