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Pro forum

Tim Armes

New member
Welcome to the Pro forum.

This forum has been created to cater to the needs of professional and semi-professional photographers, or those working in a photography related business (such as retouching, etc).

Specifically, this is a great place to discuss things such as:

  • Setting up and running a photography business
  • Getting work and attracting clients
  • Discussing contracts, release forms, etc.
  • Soliciting advice about upcoming shoots
  • Discussing problems with clients
  • Asking for feed-back on promotional material, web sites, etc.
  • Discussing pricing
In order to ensure targeted discussion we have decided that only pro's and semi-pro's will be able to post here, however following the philosophy of the site the forum will remain readable by all members.

Any non-business related threads will be moved elsewhere on OPF so that everyone may have the chance of participating.

Those wishing to post here should contact Nicolas, Cem or myself (but avoid asking Asher, he's overloaded) with some sort of proof that you are earning money through photography. You may point us to your website, show us your photos on a stock site, etc. Note however that we won't be considering participation on a microstock site as an acceptable entry condition since there are many essentially amateur photographers making money this way - we need to see that you're serious about the photography business.

Happy chatting!

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Tim Armes at the helm!! Thanks Tim for taking this responsibility at the helm of this new and important area for OPF. Not only are you qualified by your creativity and business acumen, but also by the generous way you help other people. Your recent actions for Lightroom™ are just one such example.

Cem Usakligil and Nicolas Claris will be lending a hand too.

As Tim has indicated, to meet the specific needs of, we do need to meet the needs of working photographers. Who are they? Those who have to be equipped, insured, and meet quality, style and delivery deadlines within budget the year round to support the profession of photography.

To the rest of us: OPF can boast a lot of competent and skilled photographers for sure! Yes, we might sell a calendar, microstock or help with a wedding once in a while. Still we know that is not our work or profession.

We can all recognize the difference between an avid interest and day to day business. Here, in this forum, the only perspective to count is of those whose livlehood comes from photography. So we can respect this limitation and yet we all can follow the discussions.

From time to time, a client sensitive thread might be limited to outside view. This is to be expected but will not interfere with the whole thrust of this "window to the business of photography" for everyone else.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
If you feel you do belong in this forum as a Pro Member, then please PM me explaining your photography work or just giving a link to your website if that would make things obvious. It's intended that this section is for those who make photography their living and work on a level of ethics and quality that represents this well.