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Public Art Submissions 2017: City of Overland Park, Kansas

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This is offered for the city Hall, it's based on the motto "Above and Beyond" that belongs to the City!

PlateSculpture"Above & Beyond".jpg

Asher Kelman: "Above & Beyond"

Stainless Steel and Pigment

This is part of a large proposal and is meant for outside the City Hall, where they want to have a welcoming spot to take pictures during City sponsored events.

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The main sculpture required is for the atrium that greets visitors coming through the double glass doors. (There are several interior columns and a 10ft glass roof that will be removed to give more open space!).

I felt that this space could fit in well with a winding lyrical set of polished tubes, after the style of my sculpture, "The conversation" which has become quite popular.


Asher Kelman: "The Conversation"

2014, Steel and Acrylic Pigment

The tubes would represent that winding conduits and pipes for gas, water, electricity and data. This the frist iteration of inserting the design into the 3D space obtained by a Matterport Scan of the lobby area and fitting it into a scan of my maquette sculpture in a model of the City Hall lobby.

Tube form initial.jpg

Asher Kelman: "Poetry in Tubes Initial Round Form"

2014, Image From Scan of 1/6 Size Maquette in Wood and Copper
Processed in Rhino Software on A PC

IMG_0062_transition design.jpg

Asher Kelman: "Original New Motif Created for this Project"

This is my design sketched in Solidworks, to show a transition
from a solid tube of steel or aluminum that splits and transitions to a flexible
ribbon, polished one side and pigmented by powder coating on the other side.
This allows points of drama at intervals in the otherwise simple tube form.

IMG_0123_Tube & Ribbon_Poetry of Tubes1000 pxl.jpg

Asher Kelman: "Poetry in Tubes Initial Round Form"

Image From High Resolution 3D laser Scan of 1/6 Size Maquette in
Wood and Copper, Processed in Rhino Software, then refined to add
ribbons in Solidworks, light the image and combine with photograph

It is viewed from so many angles, from the entrance, stairway, side of the lobby and looking back from the balcony where the plans are worked on by the City Staff. This overlapping fluid design has the effect of changing its composition dynamically as folk move in the lobby and look up. It is always reframing another part of the sculpture and so behaves as a kinetic creation. This way, there is a personal imvolvement with each individual and his/her perception and expereience of the art.

I will fabricate this in polished high grade aluminum and it will be easilly supported in the attacments we will devise to structural elements in the building's framing skeleton. Such work always includes analysis for safety in supporting its own weight and shocks from earthquakes and hurricanes. We do structural deformation calculations and Fine Element Analysis to make sure there is a 200% margin of safety on code requirements.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Here are my pictures illustrating design for memorializing all the work that is done by the folk going up and down those stairs to get plans approved!

[Group 2]-IMG_1325_IMG_1343-19 images_0000.jpg

Asher Kelman: View from Entrance to Atrium with Stairs to Planning Department on the Right.

The wall on the right is to have a significant impactful artwork. I have the idea of celebrating the piles of plans that represent the dreams of creatives, the hopes of developers and citizens and the refinements demanded by structural and design considerations.


Asher Kelman: Looped Fabric Polishing Wheel for Steel

The repeated rolls of fabric fits well with my memories of stackes or rolled architectural plans that have been back and forth to structural engineers, trades like plumbing, electrical and airconsitioning, the City Plan Checkers and me for hours, estimating the actual cost with builders.

IMG_0119_City Planning.jpg

Asher Kelman: "City Planning"

I will build this to have a curve with a radius of 18 ft so that it will fit perfectly on the right hand wall staircase. It might be recessed according to what allowances can be made and will project only about 4'-8".

This is a work that is much more quiet and textural, a counterwight to the highly engaging overhead scultpture, "Poetry of Tubes".