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Documentary - The Making Of "Puff of Wind Sculpture"

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Asher, I am sorry but I thought this was the final work in location.

And how do you choose the final position of the sculpture ? I mean, the orientation of the boat ... to the sea ?

The wind makes that choice, as the boat rotates in a brisk wind!

The sand by the beach belongs to the County of Los Angeles. I am mapping selected unused locations owned by the City and will place the sculpture in it pictures with the Pacific Ocean and surfers seen in the b.g. and the landscape developed with benches, a water fountain and picnic tables perhaps.

Then the Arts Commisioners have to decide. Or else it will be offered to other cities with beaches and recreation!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi, Asher,

Sounds like a rather nicer arrangement.

So is the "ground", in which the concrete foundation will be, the roof of the parking structure? Or are we talking about a different site.

Best regards,

Read my answer to Antonio. It will be either in a City owned area adjacent to the sand of the beach, directly anchored to Mother Earth, or in some other City.


fahim mohammed

Active member
Irrespective of where it eventually is anchored, as I have mentioned previously...simply awesome.
Way beyond my vision or capabilities.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
What stunned me is that with just study, cerebration, (and the expert computer work of my smart Dutch Engineer to build my dreams in 3D), and no previous steel-forming experience, (beyond bending 1/8” steel rods by hand), I, (a sinner), could do this!

It required making a giant 80 year old (straight orthogonal curving only) steel rollers, 4 muscle-men pushers and a crane above, PRECISELY track my computer generated guide line as the rollers pulled in the flat steel plate.

Theoretically, this guideline, printed on paper and aligned on the flat steel plate, should guide the orientation of the steel plate to the rollers.

These roller machines expect incoming flat steel plate to enter between the massive rollers, orientated exactly 90 degrees to the length of the rollers.

But we wanted to advantage of the fact that steel entering at an angle, gets a twisted spiral curve to the steel late. That is always avoided!

Well we prepared a theoretical and totally unproven idea, that we could use this effect to accurately deform the steel plate exactly to our computer plan.

Our engineer advised me to have the line always enter the rollers at exactly 90 degrees. This way, by a miracle, all the panels gained progressively varying radii, (different on each side), to deliver perfectly smooth sinuous curves. These were checked with templates and found to be within a mm of the plans! I was astonished that “thinking” can trump “experience” to give apparent “skill” so that the steel workers thought I was a master, when I am actually totally learning!

Nothing was done twice to correct an error, but just to allow the old “workhorse” rolling machine to deliver the final force needed to meet the specified complex curves.

The various panels fitted together as perfectly as the bodywork on a luxury car!

The management of the steel fabrication house asked if I wanted to set up permanently in an area in their factory!

But then I would risk being exposed as a fraud!

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I am waiting for the final full City Council approval for this to move to a permanent installation by the Pacific Ocean.

At least the City Engineering engineer’s are planning the supporting base, so that is a positive sign.